Live It: Magazines Make Me Want to Rip My Hair Out

1 02 2011

Have you ever gone into a Barnes N Noble, supermarket, bookshop, or even your hairstylists and seen the stacks upon stacks of fashion magazines? Have you ever sat down with all of them (approximately 20 of them not including the ones published for other countries) stacked on top of each other and perused them all? You know how long that would take? Well I decided to do that one day. I was sick and was in my house for almost three days, I was going insane. I had to get out and where was the one place I wanted to escape to? Barnes N Noble Starbucks Cafe. Being surrounded by books, strangers, and incapsulated by the heady aroma of coffee brewing I was at peace. Gazing at the magazine rack I wanted to see what was going on for the upcoming season (this was September so of course all magazines having to deal with fashion were almost a pound in weight) and not being about to pick which one to read I pulled ALL OF THEM. I blame the copious amount of medication I was on and the lack of any sustainable food for the past few days. Here I was weak and bundled up like a college student in the middle of finals (I know that look because I sported it on a regular basis) lugging around stacks of magazines. Vogue alone was 1.5 pounds in weight, so imagine 15 of them stacked on a small coffee table in front of a little bleach white girl. It took me four large cups of tea, one box of tissues, and over eight hours to go through all of them. A few I only flipped through, because they really didn’t have anything to offer.
After that I decided to find the top four magazines. The “go to” golden list of magazines that have a well balanced mix of articles, news, fashion, makeup, health, and the in betweens. Starting this blog with once a week reviewing two magazines side by side gives me and my readers the chance to see how a magazine differs. I have been conducting research on how each magazine got started, what they have accomplished in the years they have been around, how many countries/languages they are published in and what they have contributed to the fashion industry for the American consumer. Yes, I know that this is a crazy task that I am taking and probably has been done by other bloggers, but I am not an ordinary blogger, I am a novice when it comes to this and frankly, I have the worst writing (in my opinion) for something like this. I am too camera shy so vlogging was out of the question.

So here is to a wonderful first three months for my research. By the end of March (week 12) I will have my top four that I will be reviewing in depth each month. If there is an article or magazine cover that really interests me I will be reviewing for my own pleasure in a different section, like this one instead of my two main sections, Dress It and Face It.

I really do hope my readers (that’s you) can understand what I am doing and appreciate it. If not recommend it to someone who would. You can contact me if you have an idea or would like to discuss something further. I am open to anything 🙂 leave a comment or email me at Can’t wait to hear from you!